My friend and incredibly talented photographer Rusty McDonald has a very exciting project to fund on IndieGoGo that will be ending in just a few days on October 19th.

Rusty is known for his incredible photography that blurs the line between photographs and fine-art.  I’ve been lucky enough to model for him on two occasions.


This particular project involves a talented musician, Crystal Bright.  She was also inspired by Rusty’s amazing photographs, and wants to create a studio album with each song inspired by a different artwork he has created.

And one of them just happens to be of me!

It’s actually arguably my favorite image Rusty and I have done together (though it’s *really* hard to choose one).  It’s called La Dona D’aguia, a reference to the mythic creature called the Aloja, a freshwater siren of sorts.

I, for one, am very curious to hear the song inspired by the image.  Please consider also donating a little to their project.  Both artists are well worth an investment.