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I work mostly in pencils and colored pencils, but I love all creative pursuits and have done silhouettes, murals, and painted wooden objects as well.

Catching Up On Updates! (Hint: All About My Book)


I am Senior Editor, and also staff writer, for Faerie Magazine. I write articles, fiction, and poetry.

Catching Up On Updates! (Hint: All About My Book)


I do fine-art and fairy tale modeling under the name Sidhe Etain. My emphasis is on any photo shoot that demonstrates enchantment, or tells a surreal story.

Catching Up On Updates! (Hint: All About My Book)


I update my Instagram constantly with details from my daily life and the magic it contains.

Catching Up On Updates! (Hint: All About My Book)

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Long time no update! Welcome one and all. I wanted to let you know there are two new ways to follow my adventures. First of all, I’ve joined the world of Instagram, and am loving it. You can find me there at this link. Or search @gracesidhe Second, I have a new blog devoted to […]

Happy Family Day, Adley! You came into our family exactly a year ago today. I wrote a story to celebrate her!   A Tale for Adley Flora Froud Once Upon a Time, as all good tales begin, there was a long-haired, twinkle-eyed woman and her strong and gentle husband. The woman and her husband were […]

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine contacted me with the idea for a photography project.  Wouldn’t it be fun, she said, if we were to do a photo shoot inspired by the work of Brian Froud?  For those of you who may not be familiar with his work, Brian is the godfather […]

There’s something that has been on my dream list or bucket list for my entire adult life.  I never thought it would actually happen for me. You see, I am an avid Froudian, meaning I admire and follow the work of Brian, Wendy, and Toby Froud.  If you’ve seen the movies Labyrinth and Dark Crystal, […]

Although I still love all things Pre-Raphaelite, there are some incredible resources out there now, and I haven’t been updating my blog, The Beautiful Necessity, as much.  I did just share a wonderful project though…a gorgeous calendar of images I highly recommend you support! Look here  

There are two new blog posts from the last couple of weeks over at Domythic Bliss. The newest one, written today, talks about the incredible crowd-funded project, Hedgespoken.  It’s extremely magical, enchanted, and marvelous…do go look.   The other post talks about how I promise NOT to give up on blogging, despite the distractions of […]

My friend and incredibly talented photographer Rusty McDonald has a very exciting project to fund on IndieGoGo that will be ending in just a few days on October 19th. Rusty is known for his incredible photography that blurs the line between photographs and fine-art.  I’ve been lucky enough to model for him on two occasions. […]

I live in central Ohio, land of the Ohio State Buckeyes, pickup trucks with gun racks on the back, and rolling cornfields.  Of course there is more to us than that, but when I think of the most magical places on earth, central Ohio certainly isn’t immediately one to come to mind.  But despite our […]

I was inspired by author Erin Morgenstern’s project on her blog, entitled Flax Golden, in which she takes a photograph by Carey Farrell and writes a short piece of creative writing inspired by it.  I thought it might be a fun experiment to take one of the photographs I’ve been involved in, and create a […]